Call for posters: 2018 Yale Day of Data poster session

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September 28, 2018

Submit a poster to the 2018 Yale Day of Data poster session!

Whether your research data consists of interviews from field work in South African tuberculosis clinics, to collections of French poems or mass-scale genomic data, we welcome your submission. Members of the Yale community (undergraduates, graduate and professional students, faculty, staff, postdocs) are eligible for inclusion in the poster session. 

The deadline to submit a poster is November 1. If your poster is accepted, we will print your poster without any charge to you. Attendees of the poster session will be able to vote for the poster that best exemplifies the communication of data-driven research to a general audience–and if that’s your poster, you will receive reimbursement of printing costs to present a poster at another upcoming conference or event. 

To submit your poster for consideration, go to

The 2018 Yale Day of Data Poster Session will be held on November 29, 4-6 PM in the CSSSI 24-Hour Space. 

The Yale Day of Data is an annual event fostering cross-discipline engagement and communication on research data in the Yale University community. This year’s Yale Day of Data will be held on Friday, November 30. For more information, visit