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Technology Overview

The Center for Science and Social Science Information has a wide array of technologies to meet the expanding demands of faculty and students.

We offer individual and group study tables, and feature a variety of tools aimed at facilitating collaborative learning.

Hardware includes:

  1. Two self-service book scanners and one Epson flatbed scanner attached to a Mac workstation
  2. 2 Digital tablets (WACOMs) for tracing maps, drawing, and annotating documents
  3. 25 PCs with dual 24" monitors and at least 8G RAM
  4. 3 Multimedia 28" iMacs with 12G RAM, 7 28" iMacs with 8G RAM,
  5. 4 Media:scape collaboration rooms equipped with built in Mac Mini computers

Software includes:

  1. GIS Software including Google Earth, ArcGIS
  2. Statistical Software including Stata, SAS, SPSS, Mathematica, R
  3. Special Graphics software including Maya, SolidWorks, LaTex, Science Software like ChemBioDraw, SC Database, Matlab, Origin
  4. Visualization Software including Processing

Additionally, all Macs have Adobe CS5 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Acrobat Pro) and Multimedia Macs feature Final Cut Pro. We also have specialized machines for single-use databases like Bloomberg, WRDS, DataStream and MorningStar.

Our StatLab classroom seats 30 students plus an instructor's podium. The classroom has a full suite of multimedia presentation tools (DVD, VCR, HDMI, AUX inputs) as well as interactive project screens and ubiquitous writing surfaces.

Two presentation practice rooms provide the capability to record and rehearse presentations - for instruction and job talks, for example.  These rooms also have video conferencing equipment for capability for professional quality video conferencing to West Campus and other locations.