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StatLab Computer Classrooms

Computer Classroom in Kline Biology Tower

Statistical Classroom

Designed for lectures, presentations, and research, the CSSSI Statistical Classroom features state-of-the-art computers loaded with a number of popular statistical software packages. Outfitted with a podium, whiteboards, and projectors, the classroom is an ideal space for teaching assistants and faculty members to hold special class sessions.

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Computer Classroom in Rosenkranz

Rosenkranz Computer Classroom

The CSSSI manages a second electronic classroom/lab located in the Political Science building, Rosenkranz Hall, Room 01 (115 Prospect St). The classroom features 14 student workstations and 1 instructor workstation with annotation, dual projection, a large group study screen and a full suite of audio visual technical equipment. Seminar tables provide seating for 20. The workstations are equipped with the full suite of statistical software found in all the CSSSI computers. Primary use of the facility is for classes using computers during scheduled class sessions, with priority for Political Science classes. Note that the building is closed on evenings and weekends.

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During the Class

While a class is in session, instructors have the right to prohibit others from using the facility. Sometimes instructors allow other students to use the computers in the back of the classroom if not all of the workstations are needed. The consultants have signs to put on the door warning people that a class is in progress.

Software on the CSSSI Machines

Be sure the version of a statistical package that you use for teaching is the version we have installed. If you have Teaching Assistants, please verify that they have enough experience with the statistical package that they can help students finish their assignments. Assignments and exercises should be supported by adequate software instruction and consulting provided by the TAs. Please let us know in advance if your course will not have adequate support for software consulting or if specific support is needed.

Storing Data on Our Servers

Instructors should contact us ( to set up an account and disk allocation on the CSSSI server where you can store files for your specific course use. Software can not be run remotely, but access to files via the campus network is supported.